How to display and store data in Android (Friends, app for storing birthdays)

This is a fun app where you can store birthdays of your friends. There is not much applications out there that keep your friends birthdays and show it in a fun way. To make it fun we will add zodiac signs for all your friends. But soon you will build an app of your own.

This is a beginner course, we will explain everything step by step, describe all the steps so that you can build it with ease.

As we build the app you will learn how to make data models for your application. We will add some functions to help you work with your models, so that you will learn why objective programming is so great. We will show how you can use data adapters to displays data, how to manipulate them and implement your own data adapter. We will use the recyclerview to show data and prepare styling for our app. We will add edit form to change the data for birthdays and enable adding of new friends to our list.

Most importantly we will learn how to store data in your app, since we will have a data model we will show you how to use Android’s Room to store data as well. 

In the end we will add a widget to display info on your home screen which will be the icing on the cake.

NOTE: This course is still a work in progress and we will add more content as we go, we will also improve and add more explanations according to your questions. Until the course is fully finished you all get a discount for purchasing it. So the videos will be added, changed, text will be enhanced, so stay with us to learn even more.

You will learn:

  • How to make a data model
  • How to display data in a list
  • How to work with dates
  • How to calculate zodiac signs
  • How to use RecyclerView
  • How to send data to activity
  • How to build a data form to edit your data
  • How to display images from the web
  • How to use Android Room Persistence Library
  • How to build a widget

Tasks ahead:
Friend, our first data model
Working with dates and what is a Calendar
Displaying data
Edit form for a friend
Storing data with Room
All assignments:
  • Friend, our first data model
    • What is a data model, an entity and how do we create it
    • Friend data model, getters and setters
    • What is a constructor and how to create it
    • Create a function to initialize a list of friends
  • Working with dates and what is a Calendar
    • Convert string to Calendar and the other way around
    • Check if a date is between two dates
    • Calculate a zodiac sign for a friend’s birthday
  • Displaying data
    • What is RecyclerView and how to add it
    • Let’s make an adapter
    • We need a layout for the friend item
    • Display data in RecyclerView
    • How to display an image
  • Edit form for a friend
    • How to send data to activity (how to serialize data)
    • Build an edit form
    • Show data on the edit form
    • FAB (Floating Action Button) button and adding a new friend
  • Storing data with Room
    • What is a Room and how to use it
    • We use @Entity, @Database, @Dao like a pro
    • Where is data stored and how to view it
  • Widget
    • Designing a widget
    • How to add a widget to your home screen
    • Display data in a widget
    • Display data in a widget