Android Development For Beginners vol. 1 (Calculator)

You will learn the basics of Android studio and its features, while developing an awesome mini calculator. Through the course you will learn to use XML files, find out what is an SDK, how to write java code in a class and how to define objects with some properties and methods.

You will learn:

  • Learn Android development, Java programming and Android studio from scratch
  • Make your own virtual device or develop on your own Android phone
  • Learn how to make cool modern design by writing code in xml
  • Write complex algorithms to calculate numbers and show result on a screen

Tasks ahead:
Making your first Android application
Screen navigation and displaying messages to a user
Making UI for the calculator
You have learned how to do some basic action on a button and how to write a method with some functions. Now, we want from you to make a mini calculator.
In this homework, create it with just three numbers on it and write a code that will calculate and show a sum result, when a user clicks button equals (=). Do your own research, use our links and hints and there will be no problem making mini calculator

Writing code for the calculator
Awesome. We now know how to use java arithmetics and switch statement. Later on you will se how useful they can be in other cases. For the end, you just have to finish your calculator by adding all the numbers and other basic mathematic buttons. Enjoy coding!

All assignments: