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Android Development For Beginners vol. 1 (Calculator)

You will learn the basics of Android studio and its features, while developing an awesome mini calculator. Through the course you will learn to use XML files, find out what is an SDK, how to write java code in a class and how to define objects with some properties and methods.

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How to display and store data in Android (Friends, app for storing birthdays)

This is a fun app where you can store birthdays of your friends. As we build the app you will learn how to make data models for your application, how you can use data Adapters to display data and we will show you how to leverage the RecyclerView. Most importantly we will learn how to store data in your app. In the end we will add a widget to display info on your home screen.

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WEB Development for Beginners (JavaScript, HTML and CSS)

We will build a simple and elegant WEB site for cooking recipes. As we build the WEB site you will learn the basics of HTML and how to use it, basic CSS for styling your web page and how JavaScript helps us make the WEB more interactive

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