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WEB Development for Beginners - Self-paced course

You will build a simple and elegant WEB site for cooking recipes. As you build the WEB site you will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and even some advanced JavaScript. This is a self-paced course and you learn when you want.

Category: JavaScript/NodeJS/Backend

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WEB Development for Beginners - Self-paced course

We will build a simple and elegant WEB site for cooking recipes. As we build the WEB site you will learn the basics of HTML and how to use it, basic CSS for styling your web page and how JavaScript helps us make the WEB more interactive.

You will learn

  • What is HTML
  • What is CSS
  • What is  JavaScript
  • What is a  JSON
  • How are files connected to each other
  • How to use Visual Studio Code
  • How to use NodeJS
  • How to use the JavaScript Console

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  • English
  • Basic OS
  • A cup of coffee or tea
  • Internet connection

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Content of this course:

Your goal in this assignment will be to get a bit familiar with the simple basics of HTML. Using Plunker, which is a simple tool for building WEB sites, you will create a list of ingredients for a recipe. After that you will add a couple of links and a couple of images.

Using CSS we will add style to our HTML document. We are going to find out how to change font colorfont size and how to change the background color of a specific part on the web page. After that we are going to take a look at CSS classes and how we can use them.

In this assignment we are going to learn the basics of JavaScript by creating a simple web app. You will learn, how to connect your HTML file with a JavaScript file. By creating a JavaScript file you will learn about functionsobjectsvariables and much more. At the end of this assignment you will have created an app that does simple calculations.

Your first task will be to download and install Visual Studio Code and NodeJS. This are the basic tools you neeed to strat building or editing a WEB site. Visual Studio Code and NodeJS are also two of the most popular tools out there and when you will get a job in coding there is a good chance that you will be using this tools.

Your goal in this assignment will be to get familiar with HTML and CSS. You will learn how to change an image, add a link and play around with the style of the web page. The tasks will be very short and basic but they will be a great stepping stone into coding.

In this assignment you will get to know a little bit about JavaScript while creating a simple JavaScript app and learning the basics, like functions and data types. In one of the last hint we will show you how to run a local server on your computer, which is an important step for all future assignments in this course.

Here we raise the difficulty level. First we will make an html from scratch, then we create a JSON data file which will substitute almost all of the text on the page and make it easier to display more than one recipe. After that we will create a complex and interactive JavaScript app. This app will be the basis for our web page. At the last couple of hints we will modify and connect all our files. We will also run our local server to see if our page works.

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