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Databases For Beginners

You will discover how to design (SQL) database, tables, fields, relationships. Also learn how to enter and retrieve data. You will receive a real-world problem and together we will find a solution. So, let us help you design your first database.

Category: MySQL/Databases

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Databases For Beginners

So let’s start with explaining the task ahead. I want to show you how tasks will look in real life. Clients will most probably only give you a short description about problem they have, what they want from you. Then is up to you to ask questions about their problem, research,...

From that description you will have to prepare (SQL) database, tables, fields, relationships. You will have to envision what kind of data you will need to gather to make it work.

If it helps, you can picture making database like this: It is almost the same as writing data down in notebook or into spreadsheet, document,... 

So, let me help you design your first database.

Content of this course:

I have a friend that is a personal trainer. He owns his gym and organizes timetables for other trainers in his gym too...
Your task will be to rearrange your tables, relationships and fields so that you will be able to insert all the data specified below.
Good way of making your database better and running it smoother is with use of constraints.
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