Why Android Development is great for a beginner

A lot of students wonder where to start and I will just say it: "Android Development is a good place to start." There are a lot of reasons, I like Android because it is accessible to anyone and you can install development tools on most operating systems.


Great IDE (Integrated development environment - Wikipedia)

Since Android Studio has grown to version 2, the IDE is excellent. With every version, we get more help in so many logical ways, which you will not even notice you are using artificial support.


WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) - Layout editor

We have written about layout editor in one of our blog posts. But what I love the most is that with layout editor you are using a drag&drop approach, and you can immediately see what you have done. You can place elements on the layout, you can group them into containers or views all using just your mouse. And this is great for beginners because you can get familiar with the code while already using a development environment. Even for mature developers using visual tools helps when setting up screens, and in the layout editor, you can simulate the size of devices so that you can check if your design will work on all the device sizes.


Easier to start than web development

I like web development, but I still like to promote mobile development to beginners. Why? With mobile development, you get a nice environment from the start. The thing that makes mobile development better for beginners is that we all use mobile phones all the time. You get a feeling how an app should look like and what kind of functionalities you will need. With web development, it is harder to get a feeling for the whole website, since you are looking only at one page at a time and then doing another google search. Most of the time you already own a device, and you can install an app directly to your device and show it to your friends. I guarantee they will be amazed at what you can do.


Huge market size and mobile usage is still growing

The mobile application market has a good projection: by 2021 it is expected that the number of mobile app downloads worldwide will reach 352 billion. Android has a 76% market share compared to iOS with 19%. We do have to be fair and that nevertheless iOS is a better earner. Google Play earned $20,1B in revenue while App Store made a revenue of $38,5B. Google Play grew about 30 per cent over 2016. And without doing any precise calculations you can clearly see that this is a good market to work on.


New technologies are coming fast

Google is most likely to be on the cutting edge of technologies all the time. More and more of it is available for developers to use. We have written about all the new exciting technologies Google will open for us in a blog post about Google I/O 2018. Google is opening its knowledge about machine learning and artificial intelligence with development kits. And these improvements are available to Android developers very quickly. This will keep you on the edge of curiosity and keep you in touch with the ever-evolving world of IT.


A wide range of services for developers

Apart from new and cutting-edge technologies, Google offers a lot of services to us out of the box. Maps, Analytics, Places for location awareness apps. A Great place to start is Firebase, which offers notifications, analytics, crashlytics, real-time database (develop apps without the need for a server). For launching apps all around the world, Test Lab could be a great partner, since you can test your app on a bunch of different devices.


What about Java vs. Kotlin

Java and Kotlin are both excellent languages to start learning. Java has more structure to it. Kotlin is more modern in style. Both are good choices. Java is a good choice if you want to broaden your skills with back-end development since developers for Java for back-end are in very high demanded. Kotlin has shorter implementation, this means you see less code and more things are done for you. But in another way more things are hidden from you, that are visible in Java. It is still hard to find good sources for Kotlin, that’s why it is still easier for beginners to start with Java. Don’t worry, the transition from Java to Kotlin is much much easier once you will know how to build applications in Java. But we will be adding more and more stuff for Kotlin, like our blog post about custom components for Crypto Currencies.


Design like a pro with Material Design

Material design is a uniform way to design an Android app. We do like the diversity of apps and their designs. Material Design is a good place to start with, a lot of documentation and examples available to us, you will be able to make a great looking app right away. In Android studio 3.2. we will also have all the components of Material design available out of the box and using theming it will enable designers to lift these apps to another level without the need of additional development.


“Android developer” is a great job to have

There are now 2 billion monthly active Android devices globally and it’s the largest reach of any computing platform of its kind. Globally speaking, between 70 to 80% of all mobile devices are Androids. There is a big demand for new Android developers out there because the market is growing and still there is a lack of Android developers all around the world. It is hard to state a salary for the whole world, but the fact is that you will get a decent salary for your knowledge no matter the geography.


Android Studio is free for all platforms

Android is an open source software and this is great for the whole Android community since there is good indication that Android is here to stay. A great fact is also, that a great development environment is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux. The fact is that PC with Windows or Linux is more accessible than Mac. Same goes for the Android phone.


Android Support is great with a vast online community

There are a lot of Android communities available online where developers exchange information and help each other out with different problems, check the communities from Android developers. You can also check if there are any Android meetups near you and commit to them. 



We are not saying you should only learn how to develop for Android, but we are saying that Android development is a good place to start. We love it, and we know you will love it too. With so much available support, learning material, and community help, anyone with an interest in mobile app development can easily learn Android Development. The fastest way to start is to use one of our courses and build your first app.