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If you are asking yourself “Can anyone learn to code?”, the answer is definitely yes. Furthermore, you should ask yourself, why learn to code.

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Žiga Triller
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Coding opens up a world of possibilities. No matter what your goal is - just a simple wish of learning a new technical skill for the job you want or becoming a future entrepreneur, that will create the top-notch technological product. Can anyone learn to code? YES!!! Regardless of their background, could develop practical programming skills. Period. 

We are going to ask ourselves:

  • Why we believe anyone can code
  • What opportunities does coding offer
  • Why should everyone learn to code
  • How to start learning to code
  • Why learn online
  • How can team CodeBrainer help


Can anyone learn to code


Anyone can code

We here at CodeBrainer think that anyone can code. In the light of that here are a few reasons:

  • There is a lot of tools helping us; like editors, debuggers, previews
  • Editors help developers with suggestions more and more
  • Technology is more approachable, and people understand it better
  • We have come a long way from storing numbers into a memory. Developers can see data stored; they can make queries and understand connections with visual tools
  • Most people are already programming, one way or another:
    • Creating indexes in documents
    • Programming excel sheets to show different colors for different values
    • Changing websites for their blog, company sites
    • Setting up ads for their company
  • It is a skill that with practice you will become better at it

Coding is fairly new

Coding has been with us for only 100 years. Ada Lovelace made the first known program in 1842. Modern programming is very young with first programming languages appearing in the 1950s. For example, JavaScript is 23 years old with the most important addition from 2015. Python only picked up in the last 10 years.

Why is this important? Tools and languages are evolving, and programming languages are now suitable for more people. In fact, they are easier to read and write. And this will only get easier in the years to come.


Learn to code with games

There are quite a few playful tools out there for kids to learn coding in visually, like Scratch. This an excellent tool where you program using visual elements. Writing code is just another step in becoming a developer. We don’t think everybody should start with games but it is a possibility.

Learn with Scratch

Additionally, there are even games that teach you how to code - for instance, young gamers like code combat and older gamers like Human Resource Machine


A lot of videos and step by step explanations

More and more tutors take time to prepare detailed step by step instructions for complete beginners. For example, we have video explanations for each step of our courses; most training sites try to make coding available right away like our JavaScript course with the help of Plunker a tool for coding online. Consequently, students get a feel for code right away, and they can also change values and try it for themselves.


Anyone can learn to code, but why should they?

It can take your career to new heights. Coding accelerates careers of non-engineers (in all sorts of professions) and lets them become creators of the Web, mobile, automotive,…  not just, you know, a consumer. It’s a skill that can make an unemployed person employable, broadens career options or enables you to expand your hobby.


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A great example is entrepreneurs, to whom you might say coding represents freedom. It enables them to materialize their ideas without the help of professionals, at least at the beginning when creating an MVP (minimal viable product)

Graphic designers

A graphic designer that understands basic code, for example, JavaScript, can better communicate with developers who bring his designs to life. Many designers end up becoming web developers because they love the idea that they can do everything themselves.

Project managers or team leaders

As a project manager, you have to realize that communication is key, communication with clients and team members. If you do not understand what your team is creating or working on you can’t sell or present that work to your clients. Learning how to code will not only help you better understand projects but it will make you a better manager and professional.

Planning your career and personal growth

The knowledge you get from learning how to code will better prepare you for the challenges brought on by the ongoing digital transformation. Besides all the advantages brought on by the fast digital transformation, there is a lot of talk about its negative effects, which come with process automatization, robotization and artificial intelligence.

Robots and “smart” machines are making progress in practically every industry, people often worry whether their job is in danger of being taken over by computers. With certain jobs, this kind of worrying is justified. In such cases, you shouldn’t just be asking “Can anyone learn to code?”, but rather how would learning how to code help you? Why? Someone will have to control and program those same future computers and that someone could be you.

Moreover adding coding to your resume doesn’t just give it a fresh new skill. It helps you understand how things around you work, and it gives you the possibility to change them. 

Coding will make you desirable in new areas of employment, and furthermore, it can give you peace of mind - that you are prepared for the future.

Don’t know where to start? Say no more. 

Like most industries, technology has had a significant impact on education. EdTech (Educational Technology), as we like to call it, is one of the fastest growing industries and online learning is a vast and fundamental part of it. We are very fortunate to live in an era where information and online learning is easily accessible. In addition, it is also definitely one of the best ways to start your journey on becoming an amateur or even professional program developer.


Online? Can anyone learn to code online?

Online learning tools are amazing. In fact, they can be super easy to use and let you dip your toes into new knowledge in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to leave your bed or put your pants on. How cool is that?! You don’t need to rearrange your daily schedule to catch an interesting course, you can just take it when it suits you most. 

One of the most critical aspects of online learning is that it enables people around the globe to get quality education.

  • The unemployed can learn skills employers are looking for.
  • The young, ambitious population that is still in school can pursue their hobbies by spending their afternoons learning about the things they love. The most successful developers and wealthiest people in the world started programming for fun at a very young age.
  • People with stable jobs can upgrade their skills; they can even requalify themselves to find a higher and better position or an entirely new career path that would give their life new purpose and satisfaction.

I could go on and on, but the point is that the list is endless, almost anybody, at any time, from anywhere can use and profit from online learning. 

Learn to code by the sea


But why coding?

It is only logical that one of the first and most extended topics is coding. The online coding community is understandably one of the largest. Learning materials vary from text, videos to complex, but fun, educational games.

There is also a lot of free learning material out there, but it can be complicated and difficult to use. Because they simplify and bring coding to a broader audience, online coding schools or as we like eLearning platforms, have become very popular. Each of the most popular eLearning platforms offers different approaches to teaching and students have more than enough platforms to choose from. 

What do we do?

This is where CodeBrainer comes in… With years of experience in the programming industry, we decided that we are going to say yes! Can anyone learn to code? YES!  Is our team going to help? YES! In fact, with the help of modern approaches, we developed our platform for teaching people how to code. Our goal is to make the online learning experience the same and in some cases even better than the real-life in-person experience. From the beginning and up till now our primary focus is to motivate our students to complete the whole course.

Courses are based on videos and texts; they are built around practical assignments, where students work with the most popular tools that are used by seasoned developers. 

With our intelligent eLearning platform, you can reach your code learning goals without a hassle! You can select different courses, get practical skills with assignments and make real products. Even if you haven't seen a line of code, you can sign up to one of our beginner courses, for example, our most popular course this moment WEB development for beginners

Learn to code with CodeBrainer

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