Our visit of Podim 2017

PODIM Conference is co-created by the most active stakeholders of the startup ecosystem from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia! Our in other words it is the place to be if you are a startup looking for first few insights, meetings with investors or just talking with fellow founders and exchanging experiences.



Why visit Podim

We are just in the process of launching our website codebrainer.com and this is a great place, where you can start talking about it. People on conferences are really generous with comments and inputs so in this way you can test how to address people. But this does not mean that you just go there unprepared. We had a lot of pitches already and this way we could tweak them to perfection. This is also a  great place to hear about what other startups are doing. Listen to them, you will get an idea or two I can guarantee it.

Launch of our website

We managed to do our first launch just because of Podim, because we started to post what is happening, we had no more excuses not to talk about it. So posting our first photo from Podim was also the first time we all talked on social media about our codebrainer.com This is great for our roadmap, but still there were some things that needed mending and you just have no time to correct them and in this way you have to wait until the day is over to address the changes. Probably not many people from the conference have the time to go in to details but it would just be a great feeling if you could act on feedbacks right away.


Is it good to visit conference within an accelerator

Having an accelerator by your side is both good and bad. Starting this kind of events is comforting in a group of people you know it is easier to setup your stage, you have a place to go, to get feedbacks, help... That said it is also some kind of protective shelter that enables you to slack off and not talk to people. So, don’t get caught in it. A good way of starting is just to get to know your surroundings, walk around and I can assure you that with each passing you will find a new person to talk to.

Another great thing with visiting within accelerator is, that they usually book a space on a conference where you can present your solution with visual aids. That will help you with starting conversations, so try to talk to as many people as you can. The perfect time to approach them is when they start to read your promotional text .



What to do

Even though there are always great talks to go to, networking is the king. It is better to meet new people and share experiences and talk about what you do. This does not mean that don’t go and listen to a talk, but it just means that you should choose them wisely. Podim is great to offer 1:1 meetings and this is the most structured way of meeting people, this way the atmosphere will be appropriate, more formal than meeting people standing in line waiting. You should try both approaches. In short, talk to as many people as you can.


“Its learn by doing”

I was explaining to one investor how we are teaching our students on CodeBrainer practical skills of coding in such a way that their future employers will love what they have learned. And he just looked at his partner and said: “Its learn by doing” So simple so straight to the point. You will get that kind of feedback if you just listen.


Will you meet your customers and investor at Podim

Usually this is not the place to meet your customers. But it is a great place to meet people that guide you to large groups of people that are your prospects. This can be in a form a promotion of your site with a simple post on their facebook, collaboration or maybe even joint venture. You never know.

Will you meet your investor? Podim is big enough that this could happen, but if you are asking that question, you are probably to early. Because you will need to do your research and get an opportunity somewhere else. Probably on some event with content, that is more linked to your startup. But it is not a place to give up, because you could also get an introduction, lead,... So do talk to them in a way that you will keep your doors open.


So how tough it is

It is hard to pitch all day long, but you will get a break when the conference ends or if you are lucky enough you will just have to do more pitches. A great goal for you can be, that you will be a success story on the main stage in years to come. et to know people, so that they will be there when your moment comes.


And a pitch for you

If you want to learn how to code, you can do it by doing. Take a look at our courses pick one and just start, it is fun and you will love it.

Please send us an mail as well (info@codebrainer.com), tell us what you would like to learn or just let us know how does our new site look like in your opinion.