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Learn How to Code to Become a Freelance Programmer

Check these TOP 10 reasons why freelance programming should be your career choice. 

Miha Cirman - CodeBrainer
Miha Cirman
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Learn how to code, and you made the first step towards becoming a freelance programmer, which can open a lot of doors for you! Read on about the TOP 10 reasons why you should be your own boss and choose to work as a freelancing programmer. In case your heart skipped a beat, you have nothing to worry about. You are not the only one who sees a piece of code and gets confused. It is a skill you don’t yet have, a language you don’t yet understand. However, just like any other skill or language, it can be learned.

Are you considering to learn how to code to become a freelance programmer? Most people still believe it as a highly technical activity that is only suitable for a minority of the population. But this can’t be farther from the truth. Learning how to code has been made so much easier to digest. Knowing coding and programming is becoming an increasingly widespread type of literacy.

Learn how to code

The benefits of learning how to code and become a freelance programmer, without a doubt, can be infinite. Learning how to code opens so many doors for you, be it in the world of new technologies, in science and research companies, as program developers, building games, software, etc. As a code writer, you can have the option of being a freelance software programmer, web developer, or any of the other unlimited options out here.

Let us be straight with you, okay? Just like any other thing worth learning, learning how to code and then becoming a freelance programmer has its fair share of challenges. However, if you want to learn how to code, taking advantage of comprehensive courses like ours will make the process so much easier for you.

Learn how to code and only the sky will be the limit

If you study programming and become a freelancer, you will become a God on earth. Let me explain. Everything your mind imagines, with your high level of creativity, you can make it a reality. If you want to create a new game, and you know how to code, you have a massive advantage. If you want a program that automates your work, you can create it. Everything these days revolves around programming.

Learning how to code offers so many great benefits in terms of knowledge, financial reward, flexibility and demand. Programming is nothing more than telling a computer what you want it to do. If you are a beginner trying to know the benefits of learning code, here are ten main benefits of learning how to code and becoming a freelance programmer:

  1. Learn How to Code and Become More Self-Sufficient
  2. Raise Your Price And Earning Capability by Learning new Web Developer Skills
  3. Be Your Own Boss by Learning How to Code
  4. Freelance Programmers Work From Anywhere
  5. Choose Your Own Clients as a Freelance Programmer
  6. Earn In Proportion To Your Work
  7. Freelance Programmer Job Security
  8. Do What You Love - Freelance Coder
  9. Learn How to Code and Your Self-Esteem Will Soar
  10. Freelance Programmer is Free - You Can Travel The World


#1 Learn How to Code and Become More Self-Sufficient

Learn how to code

As a freelance programmer, you can easily maintain your self-sufficiency. You don’t have to worry about the input from some other team members or require a constant update from a boss. You are free to follow through on your own without bringing another in. This works incredibly for you, especially if you are an introvert.

You are your own motivation

A freelance programmer doesn't need anyone else to motivate him. You are your own motivation. Instead of spending 8 hours a day moving around so many people and getting disturbed during coffee breaks and when you are working, it allows you to cut out all those external noises and keep punching on your keyboard, making progress.

As a freelancing programmer, you can intensely concentrate on the work at hand, without the constant distractions of those around you. Do you know Tom who always talks about the game last Friday? Well, goodbye to him! You can now operate in your zone, where you work best without listening to sad sob stories.

Since you don’t have to rely on others, you can turn your thoughts inwardly and face your own business, detecting errors with more ease and quickly making corrections. This incredible skill of self-analysis and self-correction is so valuable, and it will come to serve you in other areas of your life. Does it already make sense, why you need to learn how to code?

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You will more easily detect your strength and weaknesses, focusing on maximising your area of strength while working on improving your area of weakness. Do you understand Python so well, but type slow? Freelancing as a programmer allows you to focus on that.

You can also build processes for things you do routinely, thereby making everything easier. If possible, you can even write your own software to automate some of these processes, thereby freeing more of your time and allowing you to do other things.


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#2 Raise Your Price And Earning Capability by Learning new Web Developer Skills

Learning how to code

Instead of just programming in a company where your salary is fixed, freelancing as a programmer helps you blow through the price ceiling for your services. There is no limit to how much you can make freelancing as a programmer.

While at first, you might have to start small while you build your portfolio and, consecutively, your credibility, as soon as you have established your authority in the field your price would begin to increase. Therefore it is essential that you always add and expand your knowledge in the process of learning how to code (for example learn Web development).

Since the more you work, the more skilful you get, it is natural in the freelancing world for you to become more valuable, thereby attracting better fees. You don’t have to be limited by limited paychecks every month.

Each day an opportunity to learn how to code

Getting more skills that are highly demanded will continue to position you for more jobs, therefore it is essential that you always stay up to date and learn how to code every day You can easily practice these skills by building some software using it. The double benefit this offers is that you can also use the software developed as part of your portfolio. Because it would most likely not incur any costs to you, this is a cost-effective way of building your credibility.

Why would you be able to charge more than those in paid employment get? You are your own boss, set up your own office and buy your own equipment. You take the full risk in your own business since you are an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs get paid handsomely.

Since you are not on a fixed contract, you also charge high for this. While employees rely on their “stable” paycheck, you compensate for it by increasing the worth of your service. This is why you can keep raising your prices as more clients pour in.


#3 Be Your Own Boss by Learning How to Code

Learn how to code

This is one of the biggest reasons why many programmers go into freelancing. When you learn how to code, you can also enjoy all the benefits attached to the boss status.

You won’t have to answer to anyone. Oh, wait! You’ll still answer to someone – just that the person you answer to is yourself! You set your own rules and create your own orders. This shouldn’t be confused with irresponsibility. This doesn’t mean that you become lackadaisical.

On the contrary, it means that you can make the rules that are best for your particular situation. You will know the optimum time to wake up next week on Tuesday and start the job for that day, with all deadlines in mind. Because you are aware of the whole operations in your business, you can make rules to make everything run seamlessly.

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As your own boss, it is also your job to organise yourself properly. Freelancers set greater standards for themselves than employees do. As a freelancing programmer, it is your job to keep yourself neatly put together, and your skills neatly organised and easily accessible.

This will make you stand out when you network with others in your field or when you meet prospective clients. With the boss mentality, you won’t sell yourself short. After all, you are the business.

As a freelancing programmer, you can set both short-term and long-term goal for your business, because you know that you are there for the long haul. You won’t just sleep and wake up every day, heading to work without a purpose.


#4 Freelance Programmers Work From Anywhere

Freelance programmer

I don't only mean that you can work from a coffee shop. :) But you know those days of rushing down the street, only to be held in traffic for an hour while you hurry to your workplace on the other end of the city? Congratulations, because those days are over.

As a freelancing programmer, all you need for work, most of the time, are your laptop and high-speed internet access. This means that you can work in most parts of the modern world. You don’t have to be stuck in the office late at night when you could just as easily be working in your bathroom.

Yes, in your bathroom.

You’ll be more easily able to achieve work-life balance, without affecting one with the other. You can be close to your family while you work, and jump out of your bedroom for a while to hang out with your friends.

All the extra time you would have spent getting ready for work and jumping through gridlocks would be better invested in the current project. This is an efficient way to save time and money. You will also experience greater productivity because you are happier at work. It makes so much sense to learn how to code, and it allows you to "programme" your own schedule.

By the way, do you have to wear suits to your bedroom? Oh, go ahead and answer us. We would personally say, “Not necessarily!” That is precisely what freelancing allows you to do. You can code in your pajamas or briefs. Oh, well, you can get kinkier than that, in as much as the webcam is off.

Goodbye to the cubicles. Your office is yours to customise as you please. Your office, in this case, could be your bedside or the dining table. Only you can determine how you want your office table to look.


#5 Choose Your Own Clients as a Freelance Programmer

A freelancing programmer is one of the jobs that allow you to hire and fire your clients. You can choose the kind of clients you want to work with. So, that client is too vague about the sort of software you are supposed to develop for them. Why keep them around? Just fire them.

As a freelance programmer, many clients will come to you to help them code some program or build some software. You have the full right to say no. Unlike when you work under a boss who decides on what you work on, you can make your own choice as a freelancer.

You can determine your minimum rate to keep cheap clients out of your radar. You can’t be forced to take a low-paying project since you have every right to accept or reject a job offer. Setting a minimum project fee would help save you the stress of continually weeding your proposal list.

You can also set clear client expectations which you then communicate to all prospective clients before the work starts. This will protect your interest and help you attract the right clients while repelling the wrong ones.

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#6 Earn In Proportion To Your Work

Unlike when you receive a fixed salary as an employee, freelancing allows you to practice value-based pricing. Your fee for each project can vary greatly, depending on the amount of value you are bringing to the client. This is one of the wonderful benefits of freelancing as a programmer, and this will make you remember why it was worth to learn how to code.

You can charge individually, regardless of what you charged previously for similar projects. Software built to automate a process that saves the client’s business hundreds of hours a month can be conveniently charged much higher than similar software constructed to cater to a small store need, even if the technology is the same.

This simple principle can result in a considerable profit that would have been unattainable in a state of employment. In freelancing, your effort does matter. You can work earnestly, knowing that you are not labouring in vain.

This will also make you put in much better work since you know that the result of the project would have a lot to do with how much you take home at the end of the day. Instead of picking up the negligence of your lazy colleague at work, only to be paid the same thing, working as a freelancing programmer would help you earn what you deserve, and keep you happy.


#7 Freelance Programmer Job Security

Freelance programmer

No, that was not a typo. Freelancing as a programmer provides the kind of job security you cannot enjoy in your paid employment. One of the reasons why so many people stay away from freelancing and stick to their paid employment is that they don’t want to lose their job security for the uncertainty of freelancing.

However, this fear is usually groundless.

Take someone in paid employment, for example. Those may become so relaxed in their job, expecting their salary at the end of the month, even if they don’t love the paycheck or the job condition. Even at that, the job is not guaranteed. At any time, there could be a shuffle, and they might be sent home. The economy might force the company to downsize, thereby relieving them of their job.

With freelancing, there is no limit to what you can set your purpose to achieve. Only you can set your ceiling and determine how long you are willing to keep working and growing. Even if the business downsizes, you are the last person to go, because only you can fire you.

Even if it is hard to build your client base in the beginning, it will get better after that has been established. This doesn’t mean you cannot have a job while freelancing in the early days. The beautiful thing about freelancing is that it gives room for such arrangements.

Then, as you grow, you can better focus on the freelancing business.


#8 Do What You Love - Freelance Coder

So, you love coding, and you would like to be a freelancer. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to do this and make a lot of money. There is no better work to do than the one you love. Instead of grumbling as you head to work every day, freelancing can offer you a solution.

Parts of the reasons why freelancing is the best bet for doing what you love is that it helps you; it helps you experience more happiness and job satisfaction. You are always in a great mood when you are doing that thing that makes your heart beat gleefully.

You will know what the purpose of your work is and you will more clearly see how what you are doing is a part of something bigger. This will motivate you to put your heart into it and contribute your talent and skills even more. Knowing that you are making a difference is a sure way of boosting your productivity and improving your performance.

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Nothing feels like doing what you are here to do. It just clicks for you and you enjoy a sense of great contentment. As you continue doing this, your enthusiasm becomes contagious and more clients naturally find their way to your door. This is when you start making a crazy amount of money without feeling stressed.


#9 Learn How to Code and Your Self-Esteem Will Soar

Knowing that you are getting paid directly for the value you deliver, and not just because you are a cog in the wheel of a large corporation, has a genuine way of increasing your self-esteem. You will more likely think bigger when you are freelancing because you can see for yourself how everything is working for you. Permit yourself to tackle big goals.

You will be able to trust your judgment better and more confidently make wise decisions. To learn how to code and to become a freelance programmer involves facing your fear head-on and giving it what it takes. It shows that you are willing to take charge in life. When the results of your sacrifice start rolling in, your self-confidence will experience a boost, and you will be able to do even more.

Freelancers are employees who stopped thinking too small. Even when you experience low sales or encounter bad clients, freelancing will teach you how to put on the earplugs, keep your head straight, and keep moving.

This is why freelance programmers go on to become great businessmen. They have diligently built the necessary skills while their former colleagues cower under the desk of the “stable” job. At this point, you will never regret your decision to learn how to code.


#10 Freelance Programmer is Free - You Can Travel The World

Freelance programmer

One of the most beautiful things about freelancing as a programmer is the freedom and flexibility it gives you to work anywhere. So, what do you do with that freedom? Of course, you travel the world!

A lot of freelancers have embraced the nomadic lifestyle, travelling all over the world and exploring various cultures, because of the opportunities offered by freelancing. Have you ever heard about digital nomads? They are so cool! As a digital nomad, you can travel the world and work anywhere. Since you are less tied to a workplace, you can keep getting inspired and attempt big projects. Another huge benefit is that you don’t have to stay in a stressful environment while you work.

Travelling the world and programming is just like vacationing and making money at the same time. What is cooler than that? You can even take days off, if you like, choose your work hours, and learn a lot from the locals. There are so many ways this adds up for you. To learn how to code and to work as a freelance programmer is not limited in time, location or any other aspect of everyday life. As the name itself implies, freelancing means total freedom.


Freelancing programmer lifestyle

Many freelancers who embraced this lifestyle have moved to beautiful places with a low cost of living. Usually, there are freelancers like them there. That means that if you choose to travel to the right places as you work as a freelancing programmer, you will most likely be able to meet many more people with similar interests.

These people, unlike your colleagues at your paid employment, can be a huge source of motivation and support for you, as you keep growing your freelancing business. You will be able to explore opportunities and build a more productive social network.

The perks of growing under such conditions are just massive. It is a perfect opportunity to take on new challenges and pick up new hobbies. It is the dream life – just that you don’t have to wait for the hope of retirement in aid employment to enjoy it.

The benefits of learning how to code and working as a freelance programmer are way more than what we have listed, but even these should serve as sufficient pointers to the possibilities of programming and freelancing. So, if you don’t know how to code already, this is the time for you to face the challenge and give yourself the opportunity to explore your wildest dreams.

Start learning today or stay tuned to get more tips from CodeBrainer.