Why CodeBrainer?

Why CodeBrainer, you might usk? CodeBrainer provides a unique learning experience for beginners, who are interested in coding. We developed the ultimate learning environment, where you work on actual projects, which you can use at the end. You have video step by step instructions and written step by step instructions with pictures.

We also provide you with extra hints and blog posts that extend the content. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone, we will be there from the beginning, checking how you are doing to make sure you finish what you started!

Our mission

Why should you choose CodeBrainer?

  • Everyone can join in. Our courses are meant for everybody, because we think anybody can code
  • Detailed step by step explanations (text and videos)
  • You can copy the code to check the progress
  • Work on an actual project and get experience
  • Personal approach we make sure you finish

Everyone can join in

If you know how to install a program on your computer then you can learn how to code. Everyone can join in, our courses are beginner friendly, this is why the CodeBrainer team thinks anyone can learn to code. You can be a beginner who is just starting to get to know what coding is, or a beginner, who already tried it a bit. We think that with enough persevirencse you can learn how to code.

We know people have different approaches to learning. Someone might need step by step instructions, others, video tutorials, some might need both options or an extended explanation within our blog. We combine all types in one place - CodeBrainer.

What are students saying.

Step by step approach - Assignments and hints

Why CodeBrainer has such a great step by step approach? We divide our courses on assignments with hints. Each assignment has up to 5 hints, and all hints have step by step instructions that help you complete an assignment. The best part about this approach is that when you finish a single assignment you already have something to show. And when you finish all the assignments in the course, you will have finished a whole project.

Online step by step videos

Sometimes an introduction or theory is not enough and you need detailed instructions. We offer our students video tutorials, to show exactly how and what has to be done in the course. When learning online, there is probably not an option that someone will come to your desk and explain it to you :), so voila, you have our video tutorials. We will guide you through every hint. With a video we will show exactly what you have to do and how your code should look at the end of the hint.

We have a few videos on YouTube ready for you to check and see how this step by step instructions work. But most of the courses offer free trial, so no excuses :D

Since this is all happening online, you can take a break, go for a cup of coffee, and no one will notice you leaving or give you a hard time. You simply press play and continue where you left. Learn at your own pace.

Step by step instructions with pictures

Not only will you get, the step by step instructions with a video tutorial, we also provide written instructions with step by step explanations and images. You can see how your code should look like if you get stuck, check it and read additional explanations, that will help you complete an assignment.

Copy code and why CodeBrainer thinks giving code is good and bad at the same time

This is a unique feature for our students. You can use this feature to compare your code and see if you have any bugs.

This is also a great benefit when the code is complicated, or copying everything from the video tutorial by hand, is too much. But don’t think that your off the hook and that this is a shortcut to learning. The code elements are split into smaller parts so that you still have to follow the whole course and learn what every part of the code does. This will help you here and there, and make learning even faster.

Personal approach - Why CodeBrainer

Personal approach

We are all about being hands on. What good is a course if you can't ask someone for help. We provide you with all the answers you need. You can ask us about assignments, hints, anything regarding the course. To communicate with us you can use the facebook messenger, twitter or simply send us an email. Our course "guardians" will help and answer as fast as they can.

We also constantly follow your progress and send you emails with additional information to make sure you don’t get stuck. Or we simply remind you that you didn't visit us for a long time, just in case you think about giving up. :) We make sure you finish the course.

Work on an actual project

How do we make your hard work worth the effort? Simply put, our courses are based on actual projects, and you can use those projects after you are done. This way you will immediately learn how to make your own mobile app, or a website for your personal project. By working on an actual project you get a better sense of how things work on a real-life project.

We also constantly follow your progress and send you emails with additional information to make sure you don’t get stuck. Or we simply remind you that you didn't visit us for a long time, just in case you think about giving up. :) We make sure you finish the course.

Read our blog and see why CodeBrainer is great

We make sure that even if you don’t select a course or if you already finished one, to stay relevant to you. Our blog and our newsletter (subscribe below) is something special. Our team members, who write our blog, are very active in the digital era. Some blog posts are even very technical and are suitable for professional software developers. You can also find blog post that related to marketing and business. Our goal is to make sure everyone who is interested in the information/digital era, can gain new knowledge from CodeBrainer. We publish a new blog post almost every week. There is a lot of knowledge hidden in our blog posts, so don’t miss out.

Course evolution - Why CodeBrainer

Course evolution

We constantly listen to our students, like we said before, we communicate with them. This helps us develop our courses even further. All the questions we get are gathered and studied. What this means is that we frequently add additional explanations or even assignments to provide a stronger knowledge base for our students.

That is also one of the reasons why we motivate our students to simply ask us about anything. There is no such thing as a stupid question! We add your requests and questions to our list, and try to answer as many as we can. But a lot of the time the content is already out there and we just direct you toward it. We are here for you!

Chose a course and start learning! Coding is fun and we will help you get all the knowledge you need!