Teaching beginners how to code


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Learn With Our CEO: 1-on-1 Coding Mentoring

Build Web Games with our CEO. One of the most effective ways to learn coding is by building a simple game. It makes learning more enjoyable and it provides practical experience in using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Category: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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Learn Matter.js with examples - Basics of using a physics engine in JavaScript

Learning Matter.js with examples is the most fun way of learning what a physics engine is. A physics engine is used for simulating physics effects in apps.

Author: Nera Husarević

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Teaching beginners how to code

What is CodeBrainer?

CodeBrainer is an online platform where you can learn how to code. We provide a unique learning experience for beginners, who are interested in coding. Our main goal is not only to teach you the basics but to help you to start thinking like a programmer.

How CodeBrainer works?
How CodeBrainer works?

How CodeBrainer works?

After you select a course, you enter our learning environment, where you start working and learning on a real project. You have video step by step instructions and written step by step instructions with pictures, which slowly guide you. At the end of the course, you will have learned how to make a real mobile app or an interactive modern web page.

Personalized courses

We monitor your progress to see how fast you are learning and we give you an extra nudge if you get stuck. We are here for you so that if you have any questions, we are reachable, and we always provide you with the correct answer. With this kind of approach, we try to give the closest thing to a real-life classroom but still enable you to learn at your own pace.